Hello, my name is Carla Gardner, I am the owner and a Certified Wellness Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Guest Speaker.


I specialize in Healthy Aging for men and women and  Women's Health, Posture, Balance, Core Strength, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Balanced Lifestyles, Psychology of Positivity and Nutrition Education.

I  love to speak at events big and small to inspire health and wellness everywhere I can.

     Infinite Wellness Lifestyles is where your health and wellness priorities are my passion. With the right support, you can accomplish all your health and fitness goals as we work together towards your best health and beyond.

     I focus on aging adults and women because that is whom I can help the most. There is no better feeling than seeing someone go from depending on a walker or wheelchair to walking around with weights getting stronger every day or the ah-ha moments that come with coaching and all of a sudden your client is motivated and inspired to accomplish their goals.

     Infinite Wellness Lifestyles stands for love, strength, and tenacity. The reason I do what I do with such passion is that this is my true purpose and calling in life. I have overcome a lot of hardships, challenges, and setbacks in my own life. However, I love who I am today because of it. I can get through anything with love, strength, and the knowing that I will never, ever give up, and you can too!

Do you, or someone you love worry about...

  • balance

  • posture,

  • weakness

  • maintaining

  • independence

  • falling down 


Do you struggle with...

  • weight loss

  • low energy


Do you have issues with ...

  • sleep

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • poor lifestyle habits


For a variety of reasons, it is hard putting your self first and making your health a priority.


Infinite Wellness Lifestyles provides help with these issues and more that concern women and older adults.  

Hello, I am Carla Gardner, owner of Infinite Wellness Lifestyles. I will give you the tools and support needed to combat these serious issues that affect your quality of life. I am passionate about science-based methods known as Corrective Exercises and Wellness Coaching to support my clients to achieve their best personal health and fitness! 


I’ve been serving the senior community as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wellness coach, and community health educator for over 22 years and still going strong. My education and certifications are as follows: 

Dual Masters in Exercise Science for Rehabilitation and Psychology of Wellness Coaching

Certified by:



  • RYS 200 

  • NASE 

  • CHWC

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