Brush Away Those Toxins

You heard that right. A hairbrush is a pretty common household item, but what about a body brush?

Well after you read this, you might go out and get one!

With the skin being the body’s largest organ, it’s no wonder it has a big job to do. Outside of protecting our internal organs, regulating our temperature, and sensing pain, the body also serves as a conduit for absorbing and releasing environmental nutrients and hazards. This is where body brushing can help. By dry brushing the body, you can help stimulate the lymphatic system to expedite the excretion of toxins that can otherwise build up in the body.

Pretty amazing, right?

To try this yourself, you’ll need a brush with natural bristles, and before you get into the bath or shower each morning, dry brush your entire body starting at your feet and brushing each area with 10 smooth strokes up toward the center of the body.

If the brushing hurts in any way, you are applying too much pressure. It should feel wonderful and leave your body soft and glowing.


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