What is Wellness Coaching?

     Professional coaches have long been recognized for their skills in helping smokers quit smoking, and athletes and executives perform at their best. Now professional wellness coaches are helping people just like you reach their best health and wellbeing.

Wellness coaches are trained to help clients develop and implement personal wellness plans by:

  • Accepting and meeting you where you are today.

  • Asking you to take charge.

  • Guiding you in doing mindful thinking and doing work that builds confidence.

  • Helping you define a higher purpose for wellness and uncover your natural impulse to be well.

  • Helping you tap into your innate fighting spirit.

  • Addressing mental and physical health together.

  • Helping you draw a personal wellness blueprint.

  • Helping you set realistic goals; small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy.

  • Harnessing the strengths you need to overcome your obstacles.

  • Helping you view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Helping you build a support team.

     Wellness coaches are practitioners and life-long students of coaching psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness, wellbeing, and positive psychology.

Great coaches have several skills you will spot right off the bat. They are great listeners and enjoy your stories. They foster self-acceptance and self-respect. They arouse, engage, energize, and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment. They have a bird dog's ability to sniff out your strengths, values, and desires. They are playful when appropriate. They take risks and ask courageous questions. They don't rescue you from emotional muck - sometimes you need to sit in it for a bit to energize your desire to change. They know that your life is at stake if you don't take care of yourself. And they know how to celebrate your successes.

Combination Packages

30-Day Infinite Wellness Jumpstart

Jumpstart your wellness efforts with the perfect solution of wellness coaching and regular personal training combo sessions. Commit to this 30-day program and be on your way towards reaching your goals!
                                                                             Package includes:

  • 30 min free discovery call

  • 90 min Comprehensive functional movement and well-being assessment including an over-head-squat assessment, girth measurements, body-fat-composition with calipers, BMI, blood pressure, O% saturation, and detailed health history, wellness vision, 3-month goals, and your 1st week’s goals. (Some of these are optional).

  • Eight (8) in-home or online 40-min personal training and 20-min coaching combo sessions (2x per week for 4 weeks)

  • Weekly food/exercise journal audit

  • Unlimited online support via email

  • One follow-up 30-min wellness coaching session via phone

  • Your personalized wellness program includes corrective exercises, nutrition education, and stress management.

  • We collaborate with long-term wellness visions, three-month wellness goals, and weekly behavior SMART goals.

  • You are trained according to your individual health, goals, and fitness level. I evaluate and assess your progress throughout your program, making adaptations as necessary.  

  • Client records are maintained in compliance with HIPAA confidentiality laws. 

90 Minute Power Session 

A one-time 90-minute session to kick off your healthy lifestyle, address one specific issue or to follow up after you’ve completed one of the monthly packages. Sometimes all you need a little pick-me-up or kick in the butt to finish the job. Ready To Get Started? This includes a 30-minute coaching session and a 60-minute workout or vice versa, depending on your individual emotional and physical energy needs.

Wellness Coaching Program Includes:

  • FREE initial consultation by phone 

  • Access to your own account on Vector Wellness Web Coaching Platform 

  • In partnership with Vector Wellness, we offer the Wellcoaches web coaching platform. This technology allows for ease in tracking coaching interactions including pre/post assessments, a health risk assessment (HRA), personal health record (PHR), wellness vision crafting, goal design and tracking, client journal, library, and health newsletter. Within the website we conduct; 

  • In-depth online well-being assessment 

  • 60-90 minute Long-term Wellness Vision, 3-Month Goals, &  First Weeks Goals

  • Bi-weekly, 30-minute private sessions (2x per month, via phone)

  • Detailed recommendations at each session

  • Action planning and goal setting

  • Stress management and relaxation tools

  • Weekly food/exercise journal review

  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

  • Handouts and other informational materials


me foam rolling.jpg

What is a Corrective Exercise Specialist?


A Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) is a health care professional who helps you relieve everyday muscle aches and pains to improve your ability to move and feel better.  We also create a corrective exercise program that promotes balance, stability, and mobility in areas that are not functioning properly.  This process helps to strengthen your body to overcome a previous injury and decrease your risk of future injuries so that you can do what’s important to you more effectively.


What Can I Expect if I Make Corrective Exercise Appointments?

  • After your free phone consultation, I email your start-up packet that includes your medical history, informed consent, cancelation policy, and schedule your Initial Assessment.  

  • Your first session is a 60-minute assessment. I will conduct movement assessments to determine which muscles are overactive and which muscles are under active. This is critical to be sure you are doing the right exercises for your body type and fitness level. By doing the assessment, I can determine which muscles need more mobility, stability, and strength and which muscles need more flexibility training for optimal functioning in your daily life.

  • I gather other biomarkers ie. girth measurements, body fat composition, blood pressure, O% uptake, and go over your medical history, talk about your goals and discuss your challenges.

  • After collecting the assessment information I create a program focused on your goals and your specific needs.


 What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a very natural way to ignite an elegant balance between strength and flexibility that encourages blood flow and oxygenation throughout your entire being. For me and for you, Yoga is a very personal experiential practice. I use my Yoga practice to heal my mind, body, and soul. Yoga will immediately bring you into the present moment similar to mindful meditation. It is like honoring (God, Source, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence, etc.) saying prayers, and taking care of yourself as you breathe, move, and meditate in unison. It is focusing inward and not letting the external world disturb your peace (ZEN). This alone is incredibly healing for the mind, body, and spirit. You are one with breath while moving and being still. It is calming and powerful at the same time. Yoga enhances life by helping deal with injuries, pain, anxiety, depression, and all of life’s stressors.

Yoga can be implemented into any of your services via in-person or online. Just like your exercise and coaching sessions, your yoga practice will be geared toward your individual goals and limitations within your own body and can be personalized based on an over-head-squat and other functional assessments.


Do you want to add more nutritious foods to your life, but not sure where to begin with all of the options in the grocery store or local farmer's market?  Need some help navigating the aisles and translating the food labels? Maybe you want to try shopping at a healthy grocery store but are not familiar with the layout or the brands they carry.  I will meet at the grocery store or local farmers market of your choice and we will shop together for two hours.  I can teach you about the benefits of whole foods, and help you eliminate processed foods from your cart and your life!

$140 for 2 hours - plus the cost of groceries 



Wondering what to snack on or make for dinner, but know you need to make healthier choices. Need idea’s on what to keep on hand to make simple, delicious meals and snacks that won’t harm your health?  Do you know what foods cause inflammation, water retention, brain fog, and low energy? Do you want to eat food that increases brain activity, boosts energy, and reduces inflammation? I will help you figure all that out and more when you schedule a Pantry/Refrigerator Makeover. I will show you what to save, throw out, or donate? I will help you get it together and keep it together for all your nutritional needs. Schedule a time for me to come over and we will tackle your pantry and refrigerator together to make healthy choices simple and convenient. I will help you decipher the nutrition labels and make suggestions on what to add or replace in your fridge and pantry. 

$140 for 2 hours - plus the cost of groceries   

What, no spandex today_ lol.jpg

Motivating others to improve themselves is my passion and my purpose. I am a high energy, interactive speaker professionally trained in public speaking, leadership development, teaching empowerment, and the Psychology of Positivity.

I am a Health and Fitness Expert specializing in older adults, women, and athletes for over 2 decades. I inspire, motivate, educate and positively impact others by promoting health and wellness on all levels. I hold two Masters degrees in Exercise Science, one in Physical Rehabilitation and the in Psychology of Wellness Coaching. My certifications include NASM Certified (Personal Trainer), NASM/CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), NASE (National Association of Speed & Explosion), and RYS 200 (Registered Yoga School), CHWC (Certified Health Wellness Coach/WellCoaches). 

I organize and present workshops and speaking engagements for large and small groups on topics such as; posture, balance, core strength, flexibility, stress management, nutrition education, and healthy lifestyle skills complete with Keynote presentations and informative handouts.

What really sets me apart from others is my big personality that exudes passion, energy, and pure excitement about helping others with the latest health and fitness technology and methods proven to work with scientific-evidence based research.

I have recently returned to Orange County. I have a personal passion for helping people with fall prevention, balance, posture, core strength, range of motion, healthy eating, and a positive outlook. 

I have trained hundreds of clients and performed dozens of workshops that teach the importance of exercises and stretches to improve posture, balance, core strength and overall healthy lifestyle skills. Before I moved here from Arizona I was teaching 3 classes for donation only for aging adults. Specific abilities to teach Senior Fitness to include Yoga, Aquatic Fitness, Strengthening, Flexibility, Chair Exercises,  Balance, Posture, Mobility, Brainwork, Arthritis, Joint Replacement Rehab, and Corrective Exercises.

I would be honored to be a part of your community and work together to improve lives.